leopold range finder - L1200S Multifunction Laser Range Finder
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Model:  CL28-0017

leopold range finder - L1200S Multifunction Laser Range Finder

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Laser range finders may be effectively used in various sports that require precision distance measurement, such as golf, hunting, and archery. Many rangefinders come with advanced features, such as ARC (angle range compensation), multi distance ability and slope. ARC Can be calculated by hand using the rifle man's rule, but it's usually much easier if you let a range finder do it when you are out hunting. Many hunters in the eastern U.S. don't need a range finder, although many western hunters need them, due to longer shooting distances and more open spaces.


 Measuring Range :   1200M
 Speed Measuring Accuracy :     ~1M (within 600M)  1M~ (600M-2000M)
 Measuring Range of Speed : 18-300km/h
 Function of Measuring Speed :   YES
 Function of Measuring Angel :   NO
 Function of Measuring Height : NO
 Laser Wavelength : 905nm
 Telescope Magnification : 6X
 Eyepiece Size  : 16mm
 Object Lens Size :   22mm
 Exit Pupil Diameter :   3.5mm
 Field Angle : 7.5°
 Battery  :   CR2-3V
 LCD Illumination Control : YES
 Security : Class 1 Laser Producter
 Weight :                     178g(with battery)
 Dimensions :                 125mmx77mmx45mm
 Waterproof :                 IP65  Optional
 Operating Temperature :       0℃-50℃
Applications include surveying, navigation, to assist focusing in photography, choosing a golf club according to distance, and correcting aim of a projectile weapon for distance.

Laser rangefinders are used for many things today, including golf. People can use this technology not only to measure the yardage of a particular shot but to gauge slope and wind as well. The technology makes it very simple to obtain yardage. In a typical rangefinder, one aims the reticle at the flagstick and presses a button to get the yardage. There has been debate over whether they should be allowed in tournaments. While their use is banned on the professional level, they are becoming widely used on the amateur level.

Rangefinders may be used by users of firearms over long distances, to measure the distance to a target to allow for projectile drop. The laser rangefinder displays a luminous dot that may alert a target. Until the development of electronic means of measuring range during the Second World War, warships used very large optical rangefinders—with a baseline of many meters—to measure range for naval gunnery.

Rangefinders are used for surveying in forestry. Special devices with anti-leaf filters are used.

Virtual reality
Since the 1990s, rangefinders have been used in virtual reality systems to detect operator movements and locate objects.
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