bow hunting camera - SG-990V 12MP HD Game Camera
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Model:  CL37-0024

bow hunting camera - SG-990V 12MP HD Game Camera

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Hunting cameras/Trail cameras or sometimes called game cameras are complete with data storage, power, and night capabilities. Once the subject enters the detection area of the camera, a still frame is automatically recorded.
This kind of camera is a laser-guided aim; the user can use this camera to control the area that the lens of the camera should focus. This feature allows the camera to produce better pictures.
Most of the times, the purpose of these cameras is to record wildlife happenings. A sound producing feature of this camera allows storing voice recordings of animal noise. The storage of the music is digital as well as the images.
Another feature of these cameras is for security purposes. These cameras are connected to the computer system whether it is local or wireless. Using a flash drive, the data is digitallystored.

Mode : Photo/Video/Time lapse/Hybrid(Camera+Video)/Motion detection

Set Clock : MM/DD/YY    HH/MM

Digital Zoom : OFF 2/3/4 times

Image Size : 12M/8M/5M/2M

Picture No. : 1-9 Image Burst (.JPG)

Video Size : Full HD 1920 X 1080 / HD 1280 X 720 (.AVI)

Video Length : 5-90s

Audio Recording  : On/OFF

TV Out Type : PAL/NTSC

Power Manage : Normal/Real Time Away

PIR Interval : 1s-60M

Time Lapse : 1sec-24H

Timer Setting  : Start H:M      End H:M

Time Stamp : ON/OFF

Tenperature : Fahrenheit/Celsius

Battery CALC : Percentage/Day

Frequency  : 50/60Hz

Camera Name : 0-9/A-Z 23Digits

Security Enable(Password) : ON/OFF 00000

Latitude : 000.000000 N/S

Longitude : 000.000000 E/W

Alarm Mode : Single Once/Single Repeat/All Repeat

Alarm Cycle : H-M-S 10-24hours (A Sound Recycle time)

Wifi Sd Card : ON/OFF

Language : English/German/Russian/French/Czech/Swedish/Japanese

Format : NO/YES

Default Set : NO/YES

System : FW Version/FW Update (Use SD card to update FW)

Hunting cameras/Trail cameras are perfect to place in a distant location and observe the wildlife. The primary purposes of these trail cameras or game cameras are for property surveillance T domestic surveillance, industry and machinery surveillance, livestock surveillance, and wildlife crime.

These cameras are essential for every establishment of security and are important to every researcher, hunter, gamers, and wildlife filmers.


These cameras are best to own for its image quality where the resolution of the picture seen is measured in megapixel from 2MP to 20MP. For battery wise, its range is between six months up to a year with a memory measured in gigabytes and can store photos or videos whether it is cellular or wireless.

The user does not have to worry about the camera being lost because it is placed in a security box and anti-theft cables, it is made of steel and a greatly enhanced exterior. For a budget conscious buyers, all you have to do is to know the features that are relevant to your needs.

Choosing wisely in the settings of the camera play a significant part in the betterment of the images or videos you capture. When setting the camera, make sure to set it up at least as high as your head. The user must also make sure that the camera is not facing directly to the sunrise and sunset because it can make the photo blurry from the sun's intense glare.

Trail cameras are best as a gift for any occasion. They are very comfortable and convenient to use for young and old users. Given the growth of technology, these tools are helpful to everyone's daily life and a most useful tool for a hunters and wildlife filmers.

Q1: Could you introduce briefly about your company?

A: Guangzhou Canislatrans Sports Limited is a professional manufactures who producing military outdoor equipment, tactical and optical instrument.

Q2: Can you do OEM?

A:Yes, we can

Q3: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A: 1) We have specialized QC department.

2) We have all detailed records for nonconformity products.

Q4: How can I get some samples?
A: 1. You can choose our design, we make the samples accordingly.

2. Please send your original samples, we can make the copy as yours.

Q5: What's your production period?
A: 1)1-3days for our stock cargo. 

2)30-35 days for 1 20GP container . 

Q6: What's your shipping ways?

A: By express, air, sea.

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