Stylish military 3-14x HD imager nightvision scope for hunting X sight
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Stylish military 3-14x HD imager nightvision scope for hunting X sight

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Night Vision is a precision electronic instrument used to observe the target in the night and twilight.
In order to meet in a very low light intensity, night vision with infrared irradiation light source, turn on the power switch, you can adjust its brightness by switching.
OP-168 is a day and night of night vision comes with infrared the irradiated light source.

Under bright and dim light it shows color lmages while black and white image in darkness.
OP-168 own infrared irradiation light source device,according to the use of environmental condition can be forced open or close, and may, according to the environment light brightness manual regulation to need the best condition.

Night-vision equipment can be split into three broad categories:
Scopes - Normally handheld or mounted on a weapon, scopes are monocular (one eye-piece). Since scopes are handheld, not worn like goggles, they are good for when you want to get a better look at a specific object and then return to normal viewing conditions.
Goggles - While goggles can be handheld, they are most often worn on the head. Goggles are binocular (two eye-pieces) and may have a single lens or stereo lens, depending on the model. Goggles are excellent for constant viewing, such as moving around in a dark building.
Cameras- Cameras with night-vision technology can send the image to a monitor for display or to a VCR for recording. When night-vision capability is desired in a permanent location, such as on a building or as part of the equipment in a helicopter, cameras are used. Many of the newer camcorders have night vision built right in.
Night-vision devices were first used in World War II and came into wide use during the Vietnam War.The technology has evolved greatly since their introduction, leading to several "generations" of night-vision equipment with performance increasing and price decreasing. Consequently, they are available for a wide range of applications, e.g. for gunners, drivers and aviators.

1.Record HD video
2.Smart Range Finder
3.Dual Stream video
4.Ballistic Calculator
6.Recoil Activated video(Rav)
7.Smooth Zoom
8.One shot zero
10.Profile Mannager
11.3D Gyroscope
12.Ultra low power consumption
13.Day / Night Mode
14.Dual Core Processor

Magnification :3-14x
Field of view at 1000 yds : 460 ft (9°)
Sensor : ATN 4K M265 Sensor, 3864 (H) x 2218 (V)
Core : ATN Obsidian IV Dual Core
System Resolution : 600 lp/mm
Micro Display :1280x720 HD Display
Eye relief : 90 mm
Video Record Resolution : 1080p @ 30/60/120** fps
Ballistic Calculator : Yes
WiFi (Streaming, Gallery, & Controls) : iOS & Android
Bluetooth : Yes
3D Gyroscope : Yes
3D Accelerometer : Yes
E-Barometer : Yes
Smart Range Finder : Yes
RAV (Recoil Activated Video) : Yes
Electronic Compass : Yes
Smooth Zoom : Yes
Night Vision Mode : Yes
Reticles : Multiple Patterns & Color Options
Microphone : Yes
Micro SD card : 4 to 64 Gb
Micro USB, type C : Yes
Mount : 30 mm Standard Rings (included)
IR Illuminator : Included
Battery life (Li-ion) : 18 + hrs
Battery type : Internal Lithium Ion Battery
Dimensions (body only) : 13.8"x3"x3"/ 350x76x76 mm
Weight : 2.1 lb / 0.94 kg
Common applications for night vision include:
1. Military
2. Law enforcement
3. Hunting
4. Wildlife observation
5. Surveillance
6. Security
7. Navigation
8. Hidden-object detection

9. Entertainment

The original purpose of night vision was to locate enemy targets at night. It is still used extensively by the military for that purpose, as well as for navigation, surveillance and targeting. Police and security often use both thermal-imaging and image-enhancement technology, particularly for surveillance. Hunters and nature enthusiasts use NVDs to maneuver through the woods at night.

Detectives and private investigators use night vision to watch people they are assigned to track. Many businesses have permanently-mounted cameras equipped with night vision to monitor the surroundings.

A really amazing ability of thermal imaging is that it reveals whether an area has been disturbed -- it can show that the ground has been dug up to bury something, even if there is no obvious sign to the naked eye. Law enforcement has used this to discover items that have been hidden by criminals, including money, drugs and bodies. Also, recent changes to areas such as walls can be seen using thermal imaging, which has provided important clues in several cases.

Many people are beginning to discover the unique world that can be found after darkness falls. If you're out camping or hunting a lot, chances are that night-vision devices can be useful to you -- just be sure to get the right type for your needs.
Q1: Could you introduce briefly about your company?

A: Guangzhou Canislatrans Sports Limited is a professional manufactures who producing military outdoor equipment, tactical and optical instrument.

Q2: Can you do OEM?

A:Yes, we can

Q3: How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A: 1) We have specialized QC department.

2) We have all detailed records for nonconformity products.

Q4: How can I get some samples?

A: 1. You can choose our design, we make the samples accordingly.

2. Please send your original samples, we can make the copy as yours.

Q5: What's your production period?

A: 1)1-3days for our stock cargo. 

2)30-35 days for 1 20GP container .


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A: By express, air, sea.

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